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Bone loss in jaw and teeth at 29y.o.? Never-ending issues.



Junior member
Jan 2, 2021
Abu Dhabi
I'm feeling completely hopeless at this point.
I have suffered from dental phobia for about 6-7 years, and due to that my teeth and gums were in quite a bad shape. I had a deep cleaning and root planning done in January this year and it was an extremely traumatic experience, cause the doctor did not care about my anxiety at all. I came for a consult, first in many years, and she just pressured me into doing full mouth deep cleaning right away.
Ever since, I have decided to finally fight my fears and deal with all of my issues. I found a wonderful doctor, who has experience with anxious patients, and over the past month or so I've had 4 fillings done and I can definitely say I'm on my way to recovery, mentally. However, one of my fillings was a cracked tooth, with a previous filling. It turned out that the cracks go quite deep inside so we were not able to drill them out fully, however the doctor just covered what she could with a filling and we decided to see how it goes. Now every now and them I have a dull ache in this tooth and also in the adjacent healthy tooth. It hurts when I floss and it hurts when I chew. We have adjusted the high bite, but nonetheless it still hurts (and it's been 3,5 weeks).

Today I went to see a hygienist for a cleaning, she did the full examination of my gums and pockets and said that the situation is quite bad. Despite near excellent hygiene (no bleeding gums at all and no plaque), I still have some deep pockets and she also showed me that I have some bone loss on my X-Ray. She has mentioned that problems like this are more common in older people and that it's something I'll be dealing with for the rest of my life. I've been crying ever since I left the dentist's office, I feel hopeless. I almost feel like even now my life revolves around my teeth, constant brushing and flossing and the fact that there are still issues that I can do nothing about just makes me depressed. I've made an appointment to see a periodontist in 8 weeks, but mentally and financially too, I feel drained and hopeless. Is there anything I can do about the bone loss? Can I improve the situation with supplements or anything at all?
I'd wait and see what the periodontist says first, with all due respect, a hygienist has no authority to diagnose anything.
She's sort of correct that managing periodontal disease requires life long maintenance, but it's hardly life changing to do it and you're probably doing most of it already :)
You poor thing - I know the feeling of your teeth seeming to take all your attention! I too had a pain in one tooth. The dentist removed the old, very large filling and replaced it, but the photograph she took showed a crack along both sides of the tooth. This was 2 days ago, and I get an intermittent stabbing feeling in the tooth, and don't like to chew on it as it just doesn't feel right (not the bite). I'm going back today for a check-up and will ask her to check it again. Fed up with not having a normal-feeling mouth. I also have gum problems which are quite severe so my whole mouth is uncomfortable after attending a consultation for these problems and a full Xray set taken.