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Bone sticking out from gum post extraction



Junior member
Jan 13, 2021
Tallahassee, fl
I have had two extractions recently.’one is top upper last molar, the other is bottom second to last molar on other side. Both had bone grafts though only planning for implant on bottom molar. Following top extraction I noticed some bone pieces sticking out from the gum. They are painful to the touch. I asked the dentist and he said it would work itself out. They are still there. Had bottom tooth done and same issue only worse. I go back Thursday. Is this normal? They are very uncomfortable and painful to touch. The extractions were both fine until about day 5 then started getting painful and these bumps came up. Is it a matter of dental skill? I ask because this dentist still has to do a crown and then the implant and want to make sure this is a normal occurrence .
It's fairly normal, they're called Spicules. Sometimes the edge of the socket is quite sharp and the bone can sort of cut through the gum is it tries to form over the top. They normally do work themselves out, but if they're sill there then it's easy enough to get the dentist to remove them.