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Bottom extractions question



Junior member
May 2, 2021
I have always had a fear of dental procedures. And I have health anxiety. I'm a female age 58. I recently had all bottom teeth extracted and go for first impressions in 4 wks. I had the teeth removed a few at a time and the first molar on my left near the middle started healing weird. The bone pointed up and then settled down but im noticing that the gum seems attached to the other side of the gums behind lip. I'm scared that it may have to be clipped before I can get dentures. I also have a fear of novacain because my blood pressure goes up when I'm at the dentist and then I'm afraid and embarrassed and I have a bad panic attack. I thought I was all done since the teeth are out but now this. Do you need novacain for a clip. Or can I wear dentures without getting it?
Any chance of a photo? I don't understand what you're asking about.

Chances are no, you won't need anything "clipped" and you will be fine to wear dentures without it. Bear in mind that you're still healing from the extractions.

If you need surgery then having it local without Epinephrine (Adrenaline) is perfectly possible. It's not the local that elevates your BP, it's the Epi (and it doesn't change it much).