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Bottom left molar hurting and slightly crucnhing when clenching jaw?



Junior member
Jun 14, 2013
Hi, so for a couple of months now, the gum around one of my bottom left molars has been hurting a lot when I put pressure on it and brush it (electric toothbrush). When I clench my jaw really hard it hurts that tooth and when I let go it also hurts, I don't know how it started but it is very odd. Not only this, but when I use my tooth to move it, I can feel it slightly crunching. I do clench my teeth throughout the day to see if the pain is there. Also, with my upper right molar, the gum above it hurts even more when I apply pressure or brush it which I really don't understand :/ All my other teeth are fine apart from one which is a milk tooth and has been decaying but wobbly for a while, I have been to the dentist about it who said to leave it because it wall come out soon, I do wobble it but it can sometimes hurt.

Why am I getting pain in it and in the gum? Should I just leave it alone for a couple of weeks and then clench to see if it still hurts? I really hope I don't need a root canal or extraction in that tooth due to my irrational phobia of the dentist.



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Forum Buddy
Jan 5, 2012
Hi I hope by now that you are feeling better and that your tooth has settled down. Sorry that you haven't had any answers before now.

If you are still suffering then I would go back to the dentist and ask them to do something with the tooth, I would also stop clenching to test it if this makes if feel worse.

If you clench in your sleep or through the day when you are not always aware that you are doing it you may need a night guard. Ask your dentist about this.

Sorry you have waited so long for a reply :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly: