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Bracknell, Berkshire



Junior member
Feb 27, 2011
For all nervous patients or anyone simply wanting excellent treatment I can strongly recommend Blueberry Dental in Bracknell.

They are friendly, professional and always do a great job. I think one reason people are worried about going to the dentist is that they don't know what is going on, but at Blueberry Dental Bob and his team explain each procedure and always check you are ok. They also have great innovations like movie glasses, so you can watch your favourite show or movie and forget about what is happening with your teeth!

Blueberry Dental Surgery
68 Deepfield Rd
Bracknell RG12 2NX

[ADMIN NOTE: some parts of this post have been removed as they read like an advertisement rather than a genuine patient review]
If you have tried this dentist and would like to leave a genuine review, you can do so in this thread :).
As detailed on my posting earlier, these people are amazing, and have already gone well beyond the normal call of duty on my behalf. They are certainly well worth approaching!!
Have written about these people in "Success Stories", but in brief, Blueberry are fantastic! Where else would you find a practice where the hygenist brings you a cup of tea??!!! The level of service and compassion is exemplary. If only the surroundings were a bit nicer, but the waiting area had been spruced up with a few nice plants and pictures and a homely coffee table, so good efforts all round......

Thanks again to you all at Blueberry!

Simon XX

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