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Bridge replacement anxiety



Junior member
Dec 14, 2022
The dentist said he was going to remove bridge on back bottom molars and pull the 2 teeth under it. But when I told him my insurance pays for crowns I 2023, he said we could crown them, maybe even replace the bridge. I was waitig for 2023 and as you know it is here.
Let me say that in the past my fear of dentists has enabled me to miraculously regrow teeth, heal nerves and repair gums. Despite my keen visualizations, no such luck this time. Maybe it's age. I'm now 62. Eventide I brush that area, there is lots of pink in the sink. Could it get infected? How soon must I go in? Will I survive without being terrorizedvor victimized while strapped into a chair?

You wouldn't believe the difficulties I've faced in life. It's truly amazing a dentist can do this...maybe not the dentist, maybe me.