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Bring appreciation treats? what do you think dentist/staff?//



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Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD
So I"m a really nervous and fearful /anxious dental patient, recently since my previous dentist changed and untrustworthy, and scary, I found a new place I REALLY like that has instilled trust again and I want to blless them. I've seen them 3 times probably in the last 3 weeks lol. I actually bought some teeth cake pops for them and was going to bring them by with a thank you card. but do you think it would be too much and annoyig to them . i have another appt in 3 weeks but the cakepops will be old by then :p. should I bring them.. ? I really love the whole office, dentist, hygeenist, front staff, assistants.. they are all awesome and want to show appreciation.. tips??? thoughts?
I responded to your other post
Thank you :) I think I'll bring them in with a card... I used to bring my old dentist office chocolate tortes because they had an amazing bakery around the corner and they loved it.. but I kknew them more.. I had to stop going there 5 years ago because of bankrupcy I had to put them on it. and they let me go as a patient.. welll i can't blame them but Dr J was the best!!! and I loved him... I used to love even giong for root canals cuz he was just fun . I've been looking for one I can trust with good work since and just started going to mine now which I do love but still have to cmoe to trust and have more experience with. but he's a gem. and the hygenist.. she is the best in my 48 years!!! wow.. so these guys deserve some cake pops..