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Broken file in root canal tooth, need advice/support



May 31, 2017
Long story short I finally worked up the courage to get a root canal in two teeth. In the middle of the procedure, the dentist said one of his working files broke off in the canal and he referred me to an endodontist to possibly have the file removed and the root canals finished. This has created more problems. For one, my anxiety because I basically have to go through the whole process again and this time it will be even longer, the specialist are more expensive and don't always take insurance, I'm having trouble finding one that can get me in soon. The soonest I can get in for a consult is the first week in March. The teeth currently just have temp fillings in. Will my teeth be okay until March? Has anyone had this happen to them? I'm so worried
Hi tryingtoovercome,

Files breaking off and getting jammed in root canals is a well known complication. It does not happen that often but virtually every dentist who has done a lot of root canals will have had this happen at least once.
Your dentist did the right thing, in that he told, you what has happened and referred to to an endodontist.
The saving grace is the first stage of root canal treatment tends to be the worst bit. So the treatment you will have may take a while but it should be pretty comfortable.
If you are not in pain at present then you teeth should be fine until March with temps in them.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. Atleast I feel better knowing that my teeth will be okay until March