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Broken front tooth now dead.



Junior member
Jun 29, 2018
When I was a child (around 10 maybe), I fell off my bike & landed on my face. I chipped my front tooth. My mum never took me to the dentist because my “tooth was still growing and nothing could be done until I was 16.” I couldn’t brush my teeth for a while due to extreme pain from exposed nerve in that tooth.
When I hit 16 I had other issues (pregnant and hiding it but that’s another story haha).
Pregnancy hit my teeth hard.
I then topped up on energy drinks while I had a new born and went to college. I quit them during uni.
I then got pregnant again. Teeth crumbled even more.

Now here I am... age 24. My teeth are awful.
I have pure embarrassment about going to the dentist. I have a broken front tooth which is now going block. I have two broken top right, one broken bottom right, two broken top left, one broken bottom left.

I feel humiliated. And the longer it goes the worse it gets. I think I have an abscess too after viewing pages on here. I don’t even know what I’m asking. Will the dentist just turn me away because I am beyond repair!?

I would add pictures but I can’t figure out how.


Well-known member
Oct 27, 2017
I’m sure a dentist wouldn’t turn you away.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

I so agree with DG6300,, they wouldn't turn you away , and there are alot of compassionate kind dentists out there that really want to help ! If they are not kind , I would not proceed .. but if you look at reviews or webpages, try to see comments on patience,and kindness, non judgement.. I've had a few.. and feel a lot of shame myself but have had a lot of healing in this area because of the compassion I've experienced especially from current dentist but also the dentist I went to first that helped when i was 30. They are out there and they will be honored to help you and feel happy with doing it! They will be happy you are starting now and making efforts ! REally great and brave step!!