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Broken molar - just noticed & worried.

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Mar 9, 2022
Hi!! This weekend I noticed that I have a part of #16 (I believe, furthest molar on top right) that has been broken since sometime in the summer. I noticed because I always thought it was my wisdom tooth coming in. I had some photos in my phone of my teeth and I went back realizing it had to be in the summer that it chipped. I have no pain or sensitivity there which is odd. I am thankful for that, but I am so worried it has decayed and I will need another root canal or what will happen.

  • What could the treatment look like for this? Can it just be built up again? I ask because I cannot afford a crown

  • How long can I safely wait? I am "babying" that area now but I spent close to $10,000 out of pocket last year for dental and I need to save a bit of money before getting a few more cavities filled. Now I have this issue.

I have attached two pictures to get an idea of what could be done for this, any insight is appreciated.


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It looks weird, like the crown of the tooth is misshapen rather than decay or fractured. I'm fairly certain it can wait for a few months to get looked at but from those photos I have no idea what treatment it would need. Quite possibly no treatment at all!
@Gordon thank you! I am going to make an appointment as soon as I can. I am not sure what happened at all!