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Broken off molar growing out through gum line and badly decayed. Can it wait til my check up?



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Aug 12, 2015
My back left molar broke off at the gum line a couple of years ago and just left this kind of sharp edge. It hadn't caused me any problems and my dentist said she would check on it at every visit. The first pic is from Nov 2018 and was taken the day before I got a filling done as you will see in the most recent pic. There is a bit of tooth? root? bone? sticking out at the side but again, it caused me no problems and I have thought nothing of it until recently I noticed some pain in the area while eating and if the cold air touches that area and I took the next pic and seen a lot more tooth(?) is exposed and it looks very decayed. My check up is due at the end of March. The pain is fleeting and apart from that, I have no other symptoms with it. Will it be ok to leave until then? Or should I push for a closer appt if possible?

Also, when my dentist discussed removing this tooth, she thought it would be best if I could it extracted under sedation as I am a nervous patient plus she thought the extraction might be difficult since what was left of the tooth was mostly under the gum at that point, would extraction be more easier now that more of it is exposed?

Thanks so much


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Looks a pretty easy extraction. I can't predict the future, but I'd be comfortable leaving it for a couple of weeks under the circumstances you describe.