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broken teeth, need upper denture



Junior member
Jan 19, 2012
Hi-I am scared to death of dental anything, loss of control,etc... Have 5 teeth in front, three broken to gumline and rotting on left all the way back-nothing in between, and two failed crowns on the right that will need to be cut out-crowns kept falling off. Oral surgeon won't put me to sleep(scared of that too) because I have asthma, so he wants to cut out three on one side, then when healed, two on other side, then the five in the front and put in denture. scared to do this, keep putting off. Meantime I keep getting serious infections, going through a lot of pain. Know it needs done. He wants to use novacaine then gas, not so sure this isn't gonna hurt. can anyone advise. This is gonna cost me upwards to $2000, even with my insurance which of course caps out.Any suggestions.
Ask the oral surgeon if he could use versed and low dose ketamine. Ketamine is usually a good anesthestic for asthmatics