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Broken teeth; told too close to sinus and must be surgically removed. Can this really kill me?



Junior member
Dec 18, 2014
Broken teeth; told too close to sinus and must be surgically removed. Can this really kill me?


I'm new to this forum. Both my top and bottom back molar on the right side are broken in half. They have gotten to this point over about three years. I had no problems until recently; when they disintegrated enough to reach the nerves. At this point I can't eat much of anything either; soft or not, ( I already had to have all molars on left removed).
I went to the ER as they had become infected. I'm disabled and on SSI, so no dental insurance. I have a tremendous fear of dentistry, (never had any work done with out at least gas), but I womaned up and went to the local health dept dental clinic to have them pulled. Problem is, the top one is too close to my sinuses and the bottom root is wrapped around my lower jaw. The dentist and ER doctor said that if they aren't removed, and SOON, I run a serious risk of bone infection and loosing jaw bone or "blood poisoning", which they explained is sepsis.
As I also have SLE, (Lupus), the pain and infection(s) are taking a serious overall toll on my health. The dental school says $750 up front for just one tooth and all UPFRONT. The local private maxilliofacial/oral surgeons are actually cheaper, ($1,000 for both), and they take Care Credit. BUT. I don't have good enough credit or a high enough income to get the line of credit and no one to cosign.
I would appreciate any helpful suggestions as the serious possibility of being jawless :redface: or dying of Sepsis :faint:from a broken tooth I can't afford to have removed is throwing me into panic attacks and serious depression. :shame:
Really not wanting a epitaph reading, "Died of infected tooth". I cannot even let myself THINK about the whole no jaw thing; because that really would end the same. I just couldn't handle it. I have overwhelming social anxiety and agoraphobia already.

Thank you, J Hill


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Mar 27, 2014
Re: Broken teeth; told too close to sinus and must be surgically removed. Can this really kill me?

It can happen but it's rare, although since you have other conditions it could be more of a risk?

I had a rotten upper molar that was partially in my sinus, they told me i needed to have it removed or it could infect my face.

If you're worried about the extractions, don't be. They aren't such a huge deal. My tooth was mostly gone but he got it out very fast and I was fine by the next couple days. Of course the pain in the wallet is much worse :(

hang in there