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Broken Tooth- small pieces coming off



Junior member
Mar 18, 2018
I had some bad dentistry years ago with a metal clamp mouthguard & over the years the tooth got weakened and got some decay. I have multiple chemical sensitivities, asthma, am allergic to most antibiotics including clindamycin (hives) and am seeking a dentist that understands all these things and its been challenging. My MD said to find a dentist who uses laser and/ or ozone to disinfect but that's also been challenging- few and far between.

I saw an oral surgeon (regular-no laser or ozone) last week and he was nice but I'm still worried about Covid 19, on top of being anxious about the procedure, etc.

I also currently have a cold (not Covid), no temp but feel really fatigued & achy with a headache...not a time to think about going to the dentist especially!

#31 (back tooth) broke off in half at the top about 8 mos ago, the other piece above the gumline broke about 6 mos ago. It generally does not hurt, but the gums are irritated. My gums grew over the edges in the meantime except for one small pointed piece that is sticking up thru the gum.

I just noticed that it is movable and is probably ready to come off. What will happen if it does? Will I be OK to wait until I feel better to get the extraction done? I have been rinsing with salt water. Any other suggestions? Thanks! Question: is there a list somewhere of dentists who deal with anxious patients? That would be so helpful!
1) Nothing much, the loose bit will come away.
2) Yes
3) What do you want to achieve by the rinsing?
4) Yes there are recommendations elsewhere on the site.
Thank you for your responses. The salt water soothes my gums and I am hoping for some germ killing action in the area.
I've been gooling dentists for anxious people and then going through the results and emailing them. The best one so far is unfortunately private and costs too much but I have seen some good ones that I have emailed to ask them questions etc.

Hope you get the help you need soon!
In that case, salt water is probably as good as you can get.
My tooth has come away to iv been using oraldene its really good hope this helps