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Broken tooth, weird popping sound and sensitivity



Junior member
Apr 20, 2020
I have missing teeth and wear partial dentures. The tooth next to my front tooth is, or was, a crown. It broke clean off at the gum line. I’m waiting for the oral surgeon to get the rest removed because the entire country is shut down, so I don’t know when that will happen. The front tooth closest to it is super sensitive now, I can feel it on my upper lip and can literally feel the air around it. I’m also hearing weird popping sounds coming from the front tooth area. I’m terrified something is wrong w that tooth now. When I get done w nursing school I’m getting my teeth fixed but need to keep them stable until then. I also have a lot of pain in the gum area where the tooth broke and am using orajel. It was a root canal so whats left of the tooth doesn’t hurt but the gum is very painful. How worried should I be?


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Not really. The popping noises will most likely be air working around the tooth in strange ways due to the missing crown. Sensitivity is a bit of a worry, but may just be that some root surface is exposed due to the gap. Try using some sensitive paste on their for a couple of days. Don't brush with it, massage it into the sensitive areas last thing at night.