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broken upper molar extraction



Junior member
Jan 14, 2017
I'm going on Monday (16/01/17) for my second upper left hand molar extracted due to it being broken and decayed. My dentist said there was nothing he could do to help it which is understandable. I'm absolutely terrified, this is my first extraction. Half of my tooth is broken down to the gum line whilst the other half is visible. However a part of it fell out again tonight whilst eating my dinner and it's sharp and hurts.
I'm having the extraction done in hospital under local anaesthetic.
Will it hurt me?
Will I feel pain?
What will I feel?
How long will it take?
Do they have to cut my gum?
Will I need stitches?
Do stitches hurt?
Will my dentist know if I have an abscess?
Will I be able to work/eat afterwards?

No it won't hurt you will be numbed.

You may feel a bit sore after, pain meds will take care of that, you might not feel anything after, plenty of people don't.

You will feel nothing

Probably seconds



No stitches don't hurt, they pinch as you heal

Yes he will know if you have an abscess

You will be able to work and eat after, no going to the gym or running for about the first 24 hours. You can eat what you feel able to just be careful not to knock the extraction site. No spitting, sucking or smoking for the first few days. Rinse with warm salt water after 24 hours and let the water dribble out of your mouth. You can brush taking care near the extraction site.

All the best to you, you will be okay. :XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug::XXLhug:
thanks so much for the reassurance. I'm shaking, can't eat, can't sleep. never been so frightened. just don't want it to hurt or feel anything x
My molar that is being extracted isn't even slightly loose, does this mean it will be hard for them to pull. I've been watching YouTube videos and it looks so painful. I'm debating ringing up and cancelling, I don't know if I can do this ?
Hey :XXLhug:

You can do this! I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but you can x

It won't hurt, really, they will be careful to numb you up properly first. Taking teeth out - even ones that aren't loose at all - us actually surprisingly quick and easy. Lots of people say they found their tooth was out before they even realised the dentist had got started!

And I'm sure you know this, but step away from YouTube! Honestly, those videos don't help.

So here's the secret for tomorrow - for when you feel overwhelmed and like you just can't do it: stop trying to get your head round the whole thing and break it down into the tiniest of steps. That's the way to stop it from looking so big that you just can't face it. Tomorrow, just aim to turn up. That's it. Focus your energy on that, and only that. The rest will follow.

You got this. You will be ok. It won't hurt and it will be over before you know it.

All you have to do is show up. Let the rest take care of itself x
Can I ask if they inject the back of your gum to numb you? I don't remember them doing this when I had a filling.
The dentist I saw for y consultation was horrible and didn't even acknowledge the fact that I was scared and laughed when I told him about my fears. He was foreign and his English was bad. The hospital I'm having it done at hold bad memories from a procedure I had when in was 15 when they promised me I would be numb but I felt everything. I can't even get into that hospital without crying. I don't want to do it. I just want to cancel. And the worst part is that I've got to wait all day for the damn thing!!!
Hi how did it go?
Hey megan -

Thinking of you, how did it turn out? Did you make it in the end?
Hi! didn't end up going through with it in the end. the dentist I saw for my consultation didn't go through anything with me and it turns out he should have done. I saw a lovely surgeon yesterday who refused to do it. so they are sending me for sedation in a few weeks ? xx
Ah, sorry to hear that! Well done for making it there, I know how hard that was x

How do you feel about going back for sedation? I guess it's good that you didn't end up with the surgeon you didn't like after all, and that you got to talk to a lovely one this time.