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broken wisdom tooth down to gum line



Junior member
Apr 25, 2015
please help me am petrified of dentists, I have a broken wisdom tooth with a sharp edge, I have had problems for at least 8 years, it flares up, and my neck is swollen on the side of the tooth, most of it is buried level and under the gum, will a dentist take it out by anaesthetic, it really is bothering me all these years, am so scared to go as had bad experience when a child although I have been for fillings and been ok, also I cannot keep my mouth open long as I have a breathing problem and cannot breathe through my nose. Can this problem with the tooth make me feel ill. Will it be easy to extract. Pass a dentist every day and long to have courage to go in.

Thank you in advance so pleased to have found you



Apr 23, 2015
try not to worry too much. I just got my teeth extracted. all top teeth. most of them was broken to gumline. I was really terrified at first. I have been to dentist for 30yrs. that how much I hate going to dentist and that why I end it up extraction all top tooth. extracting any condition teeth isn't problem for dentist I think. mine didn't have any problem. when you do start procedure, you'll be shocked how easy that was. im don't know for sure since I haven't been to dentist for long time but reading lot of peoples comments and my extraction experience, seems like extraction is easier then root canals and other things. and it was easy no pain just little pinch on injection(didn't hurt) and after that just discomfort. lota pushing and tugging. there is no pain after injection. you'll be happy after. no more pain. trust me the pain you are in now is worse then pain getting it done. I learn the hard way.:)