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broken wisdom tooth removal HELP



Junior member
Jan 24, 2024
my lower wisdom tooth needs to be removed by an oral surgeon and i'm waiting for a letter with a date to get it done. I am so scared!!! Im based in the UK, will they sedate me? it's broken so it's going to be a horrible removal i imagine. I've been waiting 5 months already and I just want to get it over and done with now :( I am even consindering going to a private oral surgeon as i don't want this broken tooth in my mouth anymore, can anyone reccomend any in the UK?
Hi, was it your dentist who referred you to an oral surgeon? If so, could you ring your dental practice, tell them about your fears, and ask for sedation (if that's what you want)?

As far as I know, the fact that it's broken doesn't make removing it any more difficult, but that's neither here nor there - if you feel that sedation would help you, then you should go ahead and ask about it 🙂