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Broken Wisdom Tooth removal this thursday



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Dec 5, 2017
Norway, Maine
I am having a broken wisdom tooth removed on thursday and I have major anxiety.
I went to see my dentist, he told me it is fractured and needs to be extracted so after calling one oral surgeon then the next i'm finally getting it taken out and I am stressing out big time (I had a bad experience when i was a teenager, i'm now 43).
My dentist recommended, as per the prescription they give to the oral surgeon, that IV sedation would be better, but i researched it and sounds great except for the $562 it will cost, which only half will be covered by my dental insurance and i dont have the money for the rest of it.
I'm wondering if i am able to have oral sedation like Nitrous Oxide and something else that will cost a lot less.
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You normally need a consult before getting any type of sedation. You should then ask the oral surgeon or anesthesiologist what could be done that can fit your budget. If you already had the consult, maybe call them to see if they have different options.