Broken wisdom tooth worries



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Dec 3, 2011
Hi all,

Long story short, about 1/3 of my bottom-right wisdom tooth has been broken to the gumline in various degrees over the last year and a half (shame on me, I know). I have had no pain or sensitivity, and couldn't afford to have it and the top ones extracted (the last surgeon I saw had told me I'd need all three out next time after he pulled the bottom-left after it decayed and broke?), so I left it alone until I was in a better spot and/or forced to take care of it.

I'm in a better spot (WITH insurance!), and I think the broken wisdom tooth is now starting to act up in the last handful of days. I don't know how to describe it: doesn't outright hurt or ache yet, but it feels slightly sensitive, like maybe it's getting ready to hurt, if that makes sense. Also, my gums feel and look to be fine, and I've no swelling anywhere (*knockknockknockonwood*). This morning I requested an appointment with a dentistry that does wisdom teeth extractions and hopefully I will have that appointment as early as Thursday. I did tell them that my tooth was broken and I was worried about the possibility of infection, sooner or later.

But, in the meanwhile, I'm very anxious and having crying fits. I'm so tense with worry that parts of my face are prickly from nerves being squeezed.

I'm anxious that I have a silent abscess that's ravaging my bones, or the lack of pain now will suddenly turn into a roiling, stubborn abscess in the next five days. I'm scared they're going to insist I need all 3 remaining wisdom teeth out and will have to have GA, and then I'm doubly scared there that I'll only find out I'm allergic to GA when it's too late, or that my already low bp (90's/60's) will drop further under the administration of GA and result in trouble getting me back. (Yes, I have a history of health anxiety and catastrophizing situations).

I mean, by way of comparison, my first wisdom tooth extraction went swimmingly even though it was broken (I actually went in to have it pulled as an emergency because I was scared it was infected). The surgeon said it wasn't infected but was definitely decaying. I had LA and the tooth came out in about a minute of shimmying and lifting. So, I'm hoping to have a repeat situation on my hands- no infection (or catching it early at most), just LA (or IV-sedation at most), easy peasy no break-off extraction. That'd be the bees knees!

Has anyone else had a similar situation? Were you ok? Am I going to be ok? I hope I will be but heck, I'm so, so anxious right now. Logic goes right out of the door with anxiety attached.

Thanks for reading!


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Jan 8, 2018
Yeah, I broke my wisdom tooth during an accident. So, I am able to understand your situation. My parents took me to a dental clinic which provides emergency dental services and my broken tooth was restored using dental veneers.
You are definitely going to be okay and there is nothing to be worried about.