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Bruised Paradontal ligament?



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Dec 10, 2006
Figure this is so minor it isnt worth bothering my dentist, just wana get an idea. One of my lower front teeth, that i ever so slighly chipped the back, back in feburary while playing basketball, ocasionally the front gum iches. Now i got that tooth checked out trice now, by one rather in a rush dentist, another very good one, and the hygenists, and they all said it was fine. But ocasionally the front gum part of it iches...rather oddly. Its so minor its almost one of those things where you go, am i really felling this or am i imagining it...ya know...

Now, question...is it possable when i chipped it playing basketball, i bruised the peradontal ligiment and its still healing even 3 months later? thus the weird itch or sensation? I know for sure the tooth isnt cracked, transillumation test only shows crazed lines which is normal, abosolutly no decay or fillings in it, etc...and i doubt i broke it under the gumline because that would have caused alot of trama to the bone and surrounding area in order to acomplish that.

just being more paranoid then anything, u all know me. Otherwise both my new main dentist and hygenists said i had near perfect teeth with no signs of any decay or any problems what so ever and they were both very through... and i hate to go back a 3rd time to them over somthing so minor its not really worth there time. Just hashing out theories as to why it might feel a bit odd from time to time...i wouldent even call it pain.

sry to be a pain
I suppose it's possible. Oh it's periodontal if you want to Google.
K but will it go away lol? I highly doubt its somthing with the tooth n would it still b around even as minor as it is after 3 months?
Yeah, I think it will go away.
Thanks. im sry for overreacting again as usual. its just so easy for my visual mind to create seneros and then i need a professional to bring me down to the reality of the situation.