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Brushing and Eating Advice Needed - 4 days after extraction



Junior member
May 19, 2023
United Kingdom
Hello! I had my lower right premolar extracted on Monday morning at 8.50am. I have been scared of the dreaded 'you know what' and so I've been religious with salt water rinses and being careful with the extraction site. I'm still eating soft foods but managed fish pie and potato waffles earlier tonight. I'm just wondering when I can safely move on to more substantial foods like chicken (which I usually pretty much live on)? I've also been avoiding the extraction site when I'm brushing but I'm worried about potential plaque build-up around the socket. Am I able to brush the area at all by now or will the salt water rinses deal with any nasties until I can a bit later? If not, when would it be ok to brush the area? If it makes any difference, I use an electric toothbrush which only has one setting (on/off). Any advice would be much appreciated!
Move on. Brush away, you're well clear of any post surgical problems now.
Thank you very much Gordon (from a fellow Scot)!
Slainthe, enjoy your chicken dinner :)
Cheers! Thank you, I will try!