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Bruxism (nighttime clenching/grinding): Don't Ignore It.



May 23, 2019
Thought I'd post this for others to read because if you suffer from this, not only does it cause physical pain, ignored, it can cause financial pain.

Basically, don't be me. I suffered with TMD in my late teens up to the age of 21. Was told by numerous dentists at the time, always wear a night guard. Even when things are good. Well, i knew best. My TMD disappeared for years, or so I thought, and the first thing to get binned was my night guard. The Biggest mistake i ever did.

Fast-forward 20-odd years, my molars are falling like dominoes. Onto my 5th rct in as many months due to the trauma I was causing unbeknown to myself over the years. Here's the kicker, because of the trauma, almost all of my molar canals are heavily calcified. So each one needs to get referred out to an Endodontist because they're now very complex procedures. They have cost me around £1.2k a-pop.

TL:)R: If you suffer from this and don't want to be here in the future, assume things are still bad even when the pain disappears. Keep on top of it.