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Bulgarian dental qualifications



Well-known member
Mar 21, 2011
Somerset UK
Driving past our dental surgery, I see our dentist seems to have gone into partnership with a dentist who qualified at Sofia in 2005. In fact, the new dentist is listed as the manager. As he has a name full of Zs andDs and didn't sound like he hailed from around here, I looked him up on the internet to find out where he qualified. Does anyone know if a Bulgarian qualification is better/worse/equal to a U.K. one? Thank you!

Hi Aldridge I don't know about your new dentists qualifications but if you need to find another dentist I have put a link here for you.

I used to see this dentist but he left where I live in west yorkshire and moved to your neck of the woods. Too far for me to travel but I highly recommend him if you need to change dentists. He is brilliant and very patient. He can do either nhs or private and he is very skilled.
Hi Carole, thank you very much, that's really kind of you. Wells is quite a way from where I live...but it is a lovely place for a day out...could combine business with pleasure! I need someone very patient...not sure what's happening at our surgery, but I'm guessing the dentist I'm used to probably wants to retire...thanks again, you're an angel, but I can't see an icon for that!
The dentist I have linked you to is extremely patient, I was a bag of nerves and could barely speak when I first saw him and over weeks he managed to remove a tooth and do two rct's. I never thought I would agree to this but I was fine. I think he probably had a lay down when I left but he was really calming and never made me feel rushed or like I was too much hard work. I was a nhs patient too and on one appointment I went to I couldn't even manage to sit in the chair and he just talked to me for over half an hour and made an appointment for another time.

I thought he was excellent to do this and he gained my trust, because after all you read about the nhs he went much further than the extra mile for me.

I wish you luck with your new dentist and I hope it works out for you :butterfly: