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Bumped my phone on my teeth



Junior member
Jul 5, 2019
Lancaster PA
Okay so today I was trying to take a picture of my inside of mouth to check them for my own anxiety-driven purposes and I hit my phone on my top right central and lateral incisors. It’s now sore but it also happened 20 minutes ago. No visible movement nor cracks when I look w a flashlight in the mirror. Is it typical for it to hurt a little after?
Your teeth have ligaments and ligaments are quite sensitive and light trauma can mean discomfort. Did you hit the teeth very hard or was it more of a light hit? I would for sure mention the hit to your dentist at your next visit to let him check that all is good. For now, simply make sure it doesn’t get worse and that it gets better.
i think it was on the lighter side. The lateral incisor no longer hurts but the central is still a bit sore. I didn’t crank it as hard as like falling and hitting it by any means