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Burning Mouth



Junior member
Jan 17, 2009
Can anyone please help as my daughter is in constant pain from what she describes as a burning mouth and she also has canker sores real bad. She has gone to local dentist and nobody has been able to help her. THANKS to all!
I can not help, but i would definatly take her to see another dentist asap

Hope she feels better soon
Maybe you could take her to the doctor?

Canker sores can be a sign of hoof and mouth disease.

There is also a stress related condition called "burning mouth syndrome." I have seen a few cases of it.

Typically people complain of a burning on the cheeks, lips, gums or tongue. There is not usually any physical changes that can be detected. The condition can be very painful. Canker sores are common with it due to the stress from the condition.

If that is the problem it is treated with viscous lidocaine 2%. This is swished in the mouth to numb the area. A doctor may also prescribe a medication called an SSRI which does help in many cases. This condition is usually self limiting and clears up on its own. It is a tough one to diagnose since there are not changes in the oral mucousa.

Canker sore are stress activated when the bodies immune systems becomes weakened. They are very painful.

A trip to the family doctor would be a good place to start. Best of luck.
Thanks for the info I really appreciate you taking time to respond. Take care!
Hi just saw this old post, hope your daughter got some relief.
I suffer with burning mouth syndrome,it is certainly stress that causes it with me.
The best remedy i have found is tabasco sauce!
I know it sounds as though this would make it worse but it honestly helps, i put 2/3 drops of tobasco into a teaspoon full of water,swish it all round my mouth & lips. I do not know how it works, something to do with the heat of the sauce overcoming the heat of the mouth, when it wears off your mouth feels cooler. I found it on the net years ago. I have to do it a few times a day,then it clears up until something gets to me again.
Hope this helps anyone out there with this problem.:censored: