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Burning/Sore Tongue (pics inside)



Junior member
Mar 29, 2011

I'm a 27 years old male and I've been having a burning like sensation in my tongue for over a month now; it started with my constant (daily) consuming of beer and only recently I paid attention to the constant discomfort I'm having.
At first I had a persistent burn sensation on the tip of my tongue like the one you get after swallowing hot food; now it usually feels a little numb and from time to time like I feel like I'm having small needles stuck in its tip and sides.
I've seen a dentist and she said she can't notice any pathological changes and if this persists I should look for a specialist in oral pathology (and of course I can't find a decent one in my country :( ).
So maybe I can get some feedback on what this could be and what should I do about it ?

Things I noticed:
- small red dots on the tip of the tongue
- hairy tongue (not a recent symptom)
- persistent yellow (and whiteish sometimes) colour on the back, can't scrape the tongue, this only irritates it
- raised papillae (don't know if I had them or not)
- teeth marks on the sides (which I didn't have until this started)
- an old esophagitis came back (I had this before, also related to alcohol consumption)
- lots and lots of small white bumps covering the tongue - don't know if they were there before..
- barely noticeable, dull pain/pressure under the tongue (salivary gland?)
- tiny red things under the tongue (they look like this http://www.boingboing.net/200806101423.jpg -- only that mine are way smaller)

Things I've done:
- get tested for bacteria from the throat and tongue - both came negative for Candida and Streptococcus
- started using mouthwash with and without alcohol - only seems to amplify the burning sensation and it feels like it numbs my tongue
- stopped drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks - seems to help; at least drinking them makes the burn come back.
- started treating for esophagitis - no clear results yet, seems to be a little better
- drinking lots of tea - Chamomilla chamomilla - no clear result
- mouth washing with water+salt - seems to relieve discomfort for the moment
- taking vitamin supplements - no effect yet
- stopped eating oranges - seems to be better

From what I've read (and I don't have medical training) I believe the persistent irritation is due to acid reflux (I'm also experiencing heartburn from time to time), but
I'd like some other opinions, I'm starting to get worried here :(
Here are some images of the tongue (sorry for the bad focus):

Thanks for any feedback!


Well-known member
Sep 4, 2010
Have you ever been tested for anemia? How about dry mouth?