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Burning tongue and metal taste



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Feb 14, 2020
Hello again!

So, I’ve been having a horrible time with my two front bridges. I’ve started doing physiotherapy and things just started to get better and then the next problems start showing up.

It started one week ago with a sour taste on the left side of my mouth around the bridge. I had an appointment with a dentist at the University Hospital this Friday and mentioned it. He told me my bridge is probably leaking? I’ve been wearing my porcelain bridge with temporary cement for almost two months and this problem only started one week ago. How likely is it that my bridge started leaking?

Called an emergency dentist this weekend as I am so done with all of this. My treshold is very low due to all the stress I’ve experienced with this. He told me it’s probably the temporary cement dissolving (Eugenol) which can give a sour taste. Had them taken off, cleaned and placed back with temporary cement. Unfortunately the taste didn’t go away but got worse over the past 2 days. It’s a bit of a metallic/soapy taste. Hard to describe. It mostly on my tongue now and it also tingles/burns, like if been drinking hot coffee. It’s not painful, just very annoying and my food tastes very weird. I am also nauseous sometimes.

I know there can be multiple causes for this like bruxism, reflux, dry mouth, stress, anxiety, tong pushing against teeth (which I just stopped doing because everything went so well). I even read somewhere it might be due to a bad bite?! Anyway, my anxiety is going through the roof because I’ve already experienced so much horrible things with those bridges and I’ve read somewhere online that dental allergies could also cause a burning tongue/metal taste. So I hope anyone can help me answer my questions so I can ease my mind a bit.

How likely is it after two month of wearing my porcelain bridge with temporary cement it’s started leaking? It doesn’t sound very logic to me.:unsure: And if it was leaking, it should stop after they’ve been cleaned and placed back right?

Secondly, how big is the chance I am allergic to metal in the bridge? Before this I had an Maryland bridge with zirconium I think, never had any issues.

And last but not least, is it possible after five months of wearing the bridge with temporary cement (now two months, from November untill January I also had it placed with temporary cement) I start to get allergic to eugenol and this is causing the metal taste?:(

There is nothing weird to see in my mouth, besides some irritated gums around the bridges. I also have to mention my bridges are gonna be replaced in about a month because my bite isn’t good and I still hate the clicking and movement. Thank you for helping me out!
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