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C2 color shade was wrong choice for bonding! Need advice.



Junior member
Mar 28, 2015
I was at the school of dentistry yesterday to have my old bonding replaced.
The color of my natural teeth are C2. The dentist recommended my front teeth be bonding as C2 shade as well.
He said I could go with C1 shade which is a lighter shade but it would contrast with the C2 natural color of my natural teeth near the canines and back teeth. I was hesitant and couldn't think--but agreed.

So he put the new C2 shade bonding on my front 2 teeth and let the dental student put new bonding on one incisor which she sort of screwed up. He had to fix it. He was slightly rude to me and said.."It's your job to keep your mouth open!" Do you understand?" Um...sorry.

As he was fixing the botched bonding job by the student he was irritated. That was all he could do for the day an he couldn't quite get my bite right afterwards and said to student to fix it and left.

When I got home to look in the mirror---my new bonded teeth looked yellow! It matched the color of my natural teeth in the back. But my old bonding on my canines(which is slightly gray) looks lighter and better against my C2 color of teeth. They look whiter.
I went from light gray bonding to yellow-grayish bonding. Ugh!

I want the C1 color shade bonding and have another appointment next week to finished up the next three bondings.

Any ideas? The dentist will probably lose it. But I don't care. I don't like "natural" bonding looking yellow-grayish teeth.


Former Member
I'm being given a1 I don't even know what that is like??


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Verified dentist
Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Most dentists wouldn't have a problem adjusting a shade very often one just needs to cut some of it out and laminate another shade on top. It all depends on details.
Many people teach as they aren't good for private practice.