Calculus working thru gum??


Karen Clifton

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Jan 8, 2012
I found this site and these posts because my husband has been experiencing the same thing with his gums. Over the last few weeks he has had terrible pain in his lower gum area (tongue side). This is alongside his wisdom tooth, which has never been removed and is currently being used to chew food. The dentist is totally puzzled, he has never seen anything like it before. He has pulled several bone-like shards out of my husband's gum. The dentist said it looks like bone to him. My husband's wisdom tooth was loose, and although his xrays look good, the dentist feels like the tooth is either dead or dying. Two days ago he performed a root canal on that tooth. He said he thought this would resolve the problem. It's been two days now and my husband is in such bad pain he can no longer stand it. I called the dentist and he is going to drill back open the tooth and drain it.

I know these posts are very old, but I would like to hear "the rest of the story" from previous posters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ms. Dove

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Feb 8, 2012
Hello all,
I have also had a very similar experience. I had wisdom teeth extracted at around age 19—two up top and one on the lower left that was impacted. I am now 31 and in the last few weeks of my second pregnancy had the sharp pain begin on the lower left side (tongue side) behind my second molar. I went to the dentist and x-rays revealed a wisdom tooth still there (I thought it had been removed!) which they wanted to schedule me to have extracted. When I showed the dentist the white piece of bone, tooth, or whatever the stuff is cutting through the gums he was quite stymied, saying “Very interesting.” He had me monitor it over the 2011 Christmas holiday and then another one started cutting through on the same spot but the opposite side of my mouth, where there never has been a wisdom tooth. Over the holidays both bits dislodged from my gums after I noticed that the hard thing was movable and I could eventually wiggle it out with my fingernail, since I was in intense gum pain. I was quite shocked to have the piece come out in my hand, about the size of a grain of rice. A couple weeks later the other one on the opposite side was also expelled from the gums and I felt much, much better. There’s a depression in the gums now where the pieces came through but otherwise I feel fine. So much so that I just went back to the dentist and asked him if it’s really necessary to remove the wisdom tooth since I’m no longer in any pain now that those pieces came out and he said sure, just monitor it and leave it alone if I’m not experiencing any pain. I saved the pieces in a bag and also hope to find out some day what the heck the material is and why it seemed that my body just wanted to expel the pieces from somewhere inside my gums. The whole process took about two months. I happen to have great dental hygiene, but I was pregnant, which can wreak havoc on even a “good brusher.” Please report back to the forum if anyone learns more about this strange condition.


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Jan 5, 2012
I am so glad I found this thread. I had my wisdom teeth out 24 years ago. They were impacted and I had all four out, this went well and after a few weeks I was fine.

Some years later I don't remember exactly how many, I felt something at the side of one of my back teeth at the side as it was the last one on the top, I only have 2 big back teeth because of having a small mouth.
This thing felt like tooth and I thought my tooth had broken and waited for the pain. Eventually I could move it with my finger nail and it didn't hurt, my gum felt a bit sore but I thought that was because I couldn't leave it alone.
I did get it out by putting my nail on it and pulling down, I also used to try and brush in a downward movement to try dislodge it, I did wonder if it was bone from having my wisdom teeth out but never really knew.
It did come out down the side of my tooth though, my gum felt a bit looser than it was for a while, but tightened up, quickly after with brushing.

Reading this thread, you have all described what it was like.

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Mar 10, 2013
Taking homeopathy, or using any remedy at the point where the problem seems acute, and it getting better is nothing but an example of 'regression to the mean' which is the tendency for things to follow a natural cycle. Let's say you have a cold. It's going to get better after a few days, but at the moment you feel miserable. It's quite natural that when your symptoms are at their very worst you will do things to try to get better. You might take a homeopathic remedy. You might rub your face with a hamster. Then, when you get better- as you surely will from a cold- you naturally assume that whatever you did when your symptoms were at their very worst must be the reason for your recovery. But it would have gotten better whatever you did, even if you did nothing!

Right, I know this is an OLD thread. . .but you owe me a NEW keyboard.

I spat my tea out all over it when I read that!!!




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Aug 6, 2013
I'm experiencing this same problem. I have had sore areas on my lower gums (tongue side), and after awhile small bits of sharp whitish material come out. It has occurred on both sides of my mouth.

I am 40 years old, and have not had any extractions. I have all of my wisdom teeth.

I told my dentist about the problem and he had a look. He could see there was something there, but couldn't be sure what it was. He referred me to an oral surgeon here in London at St. George's hospital.

One of the bits came out yesterday, so I saved it and showed it to the surgeon, who I saw today. He looked at it briefly, and after having a quick look inside my mouth concluded that it was oral calculus. He said it's very common, and is caused by calcifying food/plaque that gets trapped between the teeth. He said any oral hygienist should be able to remove it.

I wasn't surprised at the diagnosis, but I am surprised that he made the conclusion so quickly because there is so little information on this problem on the internet, and that the dentist was also stumped. Maybe he's seen it loads of times?

One other thing that seems to make sense to me is that I've struggled with periodontal disease in that area of my mouth for years. The spaces between my wisdom teeth and back molars are very, very tight and I struggle to keep it clean. This is the exact area where I'm having the problem with the calculus.

It's difficult for me to reach these areas with floss, and I struggle to get even the smallest interdental brushes between them without them bending or refusing to poke through. Since that area has decayed a bit perhaps there is more room for plaque to 'fall down' below the gum line and calcify, and it comes out below the gum line because that's how far down the problem goes?

Anyway, it's absolutely nothing to worry about and I just need to keep up cleaning/scaling/flossing, etc.

Does that sound plausible?

Hi there and thanks for your post.
It is a hard one to comment on without having a look to actually see the fragments.
Do you still get these fragments now?
How many exactly do you think you've removed?
One way of finding out for sure would be to send one or two off to be examined under a microscope. Most hospitals (in the UK anyway) should do this for free via your Dr or dentist.
If I was uncertain- that would be my first move as it will answer the question of whether these are as you suspect pieces of calculus, or if they are tiny devitalised bone fragments. I think it is possible to get these tiny bone fragments, even if you haven't had an extraction.
I would be interested to know your full medical history, as there may be some clues there. feel free to personal message me with details of your medical history.
In the meantime, I will speak with some colleagues in Oral Medicine and get back to you with any more info
dr mike