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Can a Crowned root canaled tooth be sprained?



Junior member
Oct 10, 2021
So I had a root canal done on my front right tooth when I was 16, it had broke in half horizantally by hitting it on a slide when I was in 2nd grade and they just kept glueing it back on until I was old enough for the root canal. Ever since then I have dreaded the dentist but make myself go every year and get cavities filled etc.
Well I literally waited until last year when I was 34 to get the crown on my front tooth. It is perfect, no problems. Well in early sept. I had two teeth filled on the left side and one was left making my bite off and hurting when I chewed on that side. I went back twice for her to grind it down and it still hurt. A week after the second time I went back my front tooth that has been years previous root canaled, that front tooth, seems to hurt on and off... Like when it hurts I can't bite and even when its not really hurting I can't bite with it without feeling pressure. If I talk too much or try and chew food it will trigger the feeling as well. So I went to the dentist again a week ago for her to check it out, xray it and it passed those tests. No infection and nothing visably wrong with the crown or the root canal. She did however file that other tooth down and my bite ifls 100% better so I thought this problem would go away...but it hasen't. She did not prescribe me with antibiotics or anything.
She said if it continues then I have to see a root canal specialist and I am freaking out. Please help.
Not a dentist, but I can share from my one root canal experience that I do have occasional flare ups where it feels swollen/bruised/pressure/sore for a couple of days, and then goes away. I used to freak out about it, but now realize it is just how it is for me. I usually attribute it to random things going on in my mouth - tmj issues, sinus issues, grinding issues, eating on it wrong, whatever. It always eventually settles down. Is it possible you need to just take some steady ibuprofen and give it some time to relax after all of the intense work you've had recently? It being a front tooth and therefore something you bite with probably makes it harder. Wishing you so much luck! I feel your pain.
Thank you for your support!! I am trying to think positively and hoping you are right. It's been about a week now so far. Not sure how far to let it go.
It'll take more than a week to totally recover, don't sweat about it!
How long until I should be more concerned? The pain still hits me throughout the day.
That's long enough. Back to the dentist for another look, it could well be that the bite still isn't quite right.