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Can a dentist tell if you haven't been brushing for a while?



Oct 1, 2023
Gwinnett County,Georgia
I have a cleaning coming up and I'm filled with anxiety. First off,let me say that my dad is my dentist so this makes it even more difficult.
I have a confession-I haven't brushed my teeth in two months :oops: I know I'm ashamed of myself. It's a sensory thing I guess-I do not like the taste of toothpaste,I do not like the sound of teeth being brushed. I don't know what's wrong with me-just hearing (and even typing) the word toothbrush or toothpaste makes me anxious. I wet my toothbrush bristles to fool my dad. I have been flossing but not as often as I should-only once or twice a week. I'm so scared.I'm dreading the scolding from my dad.I'm dreading his reaction. My worst fear is that he'll take over brushing my teeth or that he'll start supervising me whenever I brush my teeth.
Yes, you can tell. Scolding you won't help. Sounds like you need to get your dad to get you some professional help, this isn't a dental issue.
I think you're probably right. I think it also goes back to early childhood memories that I have of my parents brushing my teeth for me when I was a real young child. I think I might be a little traumatized.
For anyone else reading this who also has sensory issues around tooth-brushing, we've got a page here with ideas and tips (and non-minty toothpaste suggestions):

@kaciee I think I might know what you're feeling - I don't particularly like brushing my teeth too! :naughty:I wonder, have you ever try these toothpastes?

Or this one; it tastes of champagne! :) - https://ecodenta.lt/en/products/ecodenta-sparkling-bubbles-toothpaste/

Maybe my post will help you a bit, who knows...
I was thinking about this the other night. As a father, I'd much rather you brought this up to me in private, NOT in the surgery in front of my employees.

I'd hate to think that you felt you couldn't confide in me unless you were forced to...
@Lioness thank you so much. I'm very much considering that maybe I should explore different toothpaste flavors
@Gordon Okay. I'm considering your advice and I'll attempt to bring this issue up with my own father at home in private. thank you for your help
It can't be easy for you Kaciee, have a long distance hug from me. Good luck with your dad.
Have a long distant hug from me, too @kaciee! :XXLhug:

By the way, I’ve remembered two more non-minty toothpastes:
  • Jordan Junior with fruity flavour
  • Vademecum 6+ with strawberry flavour.
They both are in colourful tubes, they look like kids’ toothpastes but they have the same amount of fluoride as these for adults - 1450 ppm.

Maybe you’d like to try them…
@Gordon thank you and thank you so much
@Lioness thank you so much :XXLhug:

and I'm in the US but hopefully I can find those toothpastes somewhere online and I can try and find one that I can tolerate better