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Can a relative sit with you during ?



Jun 23, 2011
I figure the answer is "no" for some sort of legal reason, but I'm wondering if you can have a relative sit with you while you're at the dentist. In my case it's a parent. I'm hard of hearing and plus it would just really help with my phobia and anxiety.

I also figure this may have been asked before (or maybe I'm the only big baby in this regard) and I tried searching but no results..
My dentist has offered to have my hub come back with me..........they have a small conference table and chairs in the operatory he usually puts me in. So yes it is possible. In the UK they have a right to have someone with them- in the US, I think it depends on space.
Crud, I think the dentist I'm stuck with has tiny rooms. The only memory I have of going as a child was how TINY the room I was in was. Maybe it was a recovery room though, as my memory is of afterwards, and being alone.
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Many UK operatories are pretty small too although not all. Space is just an excuse used in USA. A relative can stand in the corner or sit on a chair in the corner. In UK for medical not dental, I was with my child until he was asleep from GA and then I left him, the actual OR is the only place you cannot go, although if delivering a baby under local that is also allowed for the father to be present in the OR. They have to put the gear on like the staff.

If you are still under 18 in USA, there is no law to prevent your parent 'going back' with you but the dodgy 'medicaid corporate chains' are well-known for citing the HIPAA laws as a reason. This is not a valid reason at all.
Since you are deaf I think you should pitch it that your Mother's presence is a benefit to the dentist as she can facilitate communication and that it also helps keep you calm. Have your mother make the appointments, come along and simply behave as if she is going nowhere but with you...in other words don't succumb to their stock phrases too easily...'say bye bye to Mom now....'

In fact any dentist who won't let you have your emotional support along is not really the dentist for you. Just because they prefer you to be alone doesn't mean you have to be alone.

If you are going to a medicaid corporate dental chain, then please reconsider as the chances of them giving you a good experience and appropriate treatment are far less than if you go somewhere reputable. At least do a google of reviews before you go there.
Good luck - there are plenty of dentists out there, no need to stick to the one you have always used especially if they have left you feeling scared.
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Thank you, Brit !

I'm not completely deaf, but I have this mental thing where my deafness gets worse when I'm scared. And with strangers - I'm not attuned to how they talk. So I have a hard time with doctors for both those reasons and my mother usually hangs out to pick up the slack when I just can't figure out what is being said to me. And for moral support as my phobia is for ALL medical-related things.

I really have no idea how to know whether a dentist is a medicaid corporate chain.. help ? Heh. :)
My dear husband was always allowed to come with me into the room, and make sure I was "settled in". Then he had to leave. My new dentist's receptionist says "no, he can't go back with you"...but truly, watch me duke it out with her if I was having a major procedure!!!! Can't think of any reason why a "comfort person" can't see you get situated and then go. We've all seen TV surgery shows where a parent accompanies there child down the hall to surgery. What makes our dental situations any different, if the goal is to calm the patient?
Best wishes and good luck!