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Can a Wisdom Tooth replace a second molar?



Feb 4, 2017
North Carolina
I have three wisdom teeth, the fourth one never formed. My dentist is going to remove 2 of them, one that has no tooth above it and is slightly covered by my gum (but it grew in straight and didn't damage the tooth next to it), and the second one didn't grow/form in all the way. That third one, she's not going to take out, it came in normal and everything and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

The reason being, I just recently had a decayed beyond repair second molar extracted, that and the wisdom tooth slightly lines up with my top second molar. My question is, is it possible for that wisdom tooth to replace the second molar with braces? (I'm going to need them eventually anyway, as I've got an overbite that needs correction). I'm 22 by the way, my wisdom teeth grew in when I was about 16 or so.
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I'm in the same position in regards to wisdom teeth and badly decayed second molar. I just had my lower second molar removed and my wisdom tooth on that side had erupted partially. I was hoping it would replace the second molar naturally but because km 29 it's extremely unlikely. Your 22 though so there is a good chance it will migrate into the empty space. If a person is under 25 there is a better chance of that happening