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can acid erosion make a tooth feel a bit rough?



Well-known member
Jan 14, 2016
I have noticed one of my teeth feeling a bit rough, just when i touch it- no chips or pain, so was wondering if it is due to acid erosion? My dentist hasn't offered me any help with this and I didn't even know i had acid wear on my teeth until 2 years ago. I'm using pro-enamel toothpaste since then hoping it will help but is there anything i can do that isn't too expensive? I will ask when i go next year as my teeth aren't too bad but i've been obsessing about this one tooth even though it looks normal.
Maybe. Whereabouts on the tooth is this?
on the side, it's hardly noticeable and i did have a filling put on it years ago as i had a chip on it so maybe i'm just feeling it as i was checking it, for some reason.
It's an unusual site for acid erosion then.