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Can anyone interpret my scans/chart? Super anxious



Apr 1, 2024
How severe does this look? Perio said I need LANAP and quoted me $9000 😱. Should I get a second opinion? Or should I jump on this surgery to save my teeth? I’m so worried…


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Hi @Electricdaisy'
Looking at the images, you do have some significant periodontal disease affecting the back teeth especially your upper left. It is important that this is treated to stabilise it. I am no expert of laser surgery for gum disease. All I can say is, if you have seen a gum specialist and he or she has recommended this then it is probably the way to go. Having said that, if the cost is prohibitive then a course of conventional non laser periodontal treatment will also do the trick.
Hope this helps

@drhirst ok thanks for the feedback, Lincoln. How long do you think I can wait? Is there an imminent danger of losing my teeth, you think?
How old are you? Do you smoke?
@Gordon 46 in a couple of months, non smoker
Non smoker helps, but that's a fair bit of bone loss for somebody in their mid 40s, it's not an immediate issue but you don't want to wait years before getting something done :)

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