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Can anyone relate &help please?



Feb 14, 2018
Hi everyone, my front bottom tooth is a crown on a post, had an apiocectomy? on it some years ago, had some bone loss, and the tooth is loose, but also the gum has receded now to a point where its showing the bottom of the crown and is very sore. I'm terrified to go and sort this out, also afraid i will have to have false teeth. Has anyone had this problem, please share your thoughts.
Thenk you
Hi Della44,

haven't had this problem, but wanted at least let you know that I've read your post. You mentioned being terrified to sort this out and I was wondering whether you had a consultation about it already or whether that is too scary as well? Knowing what a dentist would suggest to do may help you to plan things. You could then still decide whether you leave it or not. If you're comfortable with posting pictures, you could consider to use the Ask a Dentist section.

All the best wishes
It sounds to me that your dentist over the years has done everything possible to save the tooth.