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Can anyone share IV sedation stories (UK)



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Can anyone share their IV sedation experience please .
I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time too have my teeth out under general anaesthetic plus I know my back teeth on the bottom row will need pulling at some point 😢 and I was told I won’t be allowed another general anaesthetic again for teeth removal.

I want too hear everything.
Thank you 😊

So I had IV sedation December 2021. I fell and broke my two front teeth when I was around 9 and had bad experience after bad experience. I think I stopped going to the dentist at around 15 and apart from emergency visits, didn't go again until I was 27.

In the appointment I had a surgical extraction, root canal and a filling. I was terrified before going and cried at all of the appointments. it was honestly a dream. I remember apologising for having a dog hair on me and not much after that. I can recall half remembering watching daytime TV but not what was going on. I felt no pain and was completely relaxed. My partner picked me up and said I was singing in the car to the radio but I didn't know the words so I was singing nonsense at the top of my lungs. I slept it off and was back to normal a couple of hours later.

I have just had an appointment to have crowns fitted for the two teeth I initially broke and did that with just injections. I feel the IV really helped together over those nerves honestly and am not sure I could have done it without it.

I hope this helps but if I can help any further let me know. The best of luck, you will be amazing :)
@FrankieDoug that must off been difficult breaking teeth at nine , then having bad experiences.
Truthfully my parents didn’t really have us at a dentist and I didn’t actually start going until I was probably in my 30s .
My teeth are not great at all and I don’t smile , hate having pictures taken .
I have a tooth that sticks out at the front and missing teeth at the back .
I’m waiting too have two top back teeth taken out and some detained roots . Under the general anaesthetic. The oral surgeon is phoning me on Thursday and am hoping it’s for an appointment date .
I’ve had two infections already and all I do now is use salt washes as I have an abscess which may be infected again .
I don’t have an NHS dentist anymore as there treatment wasn’t nice at all.
I’m autistic and needed them too try accommodating for me and unfortunately they just weren’t pleasant and actually had one telling me how bad my teeth were which I know !
Anyway my daughter had too pay for me too go private they have been great but I’m not sure we can continue because I need a lot of work done so I’ve been scared and not coping well at all .
I don’t have the money too get replacements or have my teeth straightened and it does affect me .
I really want these teeth out now so I don’t have the fear of constant infection and being on antibiotics as I hate taking them and get scared .
I’m just scared of IV sedation incase I get a reaction? Also am wondering if it would be too much sensory overload for me which is why I said too be put asleep?
I can’t get my head around how I’m awake and not feel anything or remember . I have some trauma after I had an emergency eye surgery post surgery.
I just don’t know what too do and I also don’t want them too make me feel like I should have sedation then go through more trauma.
Finding it all hard even though I know it’s the best thing too have them out am also devastated am 40 and my teeth won’t ever be nice .
So I went to a private dentist and I've had orthodontic treatment as well. It made me feel more comfortable than the NHS I had previously been at. I think sometimes it is best finding somewhere you like and sticking to it. I know it might be a lot financially but I found it a lot easier.
Have you ever had a reaction before or could you ask your dentist about this? I know it's strange but it goes so quickly. I was so anxious about it but it was a godsend.
I think if this would be the best option at this time, give it a go. The other options aren't as accessible or less sedation so I felt it was my best option and I think it was. They also got a good chunk of the work done in one time too!
@FrankieDoug yes it seems private treat you so much better yet NHS dentist say that’s not true and they treat everyone the same .
My daughter has just lost her job so she was paying for me too go private so until she finds another job it will be a struggle.
I’m not working, so I’d have too pay too sort my teeth out and have nothing. It’s difficult.
Just want them out as I’m sick of feeling a lump there all the time .
I know I think they just have more time in all honestly because of the £££. I know it seems like a long road now but I'm in a much better place and I'm sure you will be too.
Maybe look at somewhere that offers interest free finance? I also have signed up there as my regular dentist so pay monthly for checkups and get discounts doing it that way