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Can cavities form in 6 months?



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Dec 5, 2021
I was at the dentist in August 2021 and had no cavities or need for fillings and my next check up Is in February 2022, next month. I am nervous incase I need fillings or what not, I brush twice a day and use mouthwash and also floss. My question is can cavities form in 6 months and what is the probability of change to your teeth in 6 months?

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Yes but you'd need to work at it :)
Snacking a lot between meals, drinking lots of fizzy drinks over long periods of time, that kind of stuff.

Brushing and flossing does very little to prevent cavities, it's all about diet and eating habits. Unfortunately this message gets a bit lost for some reason.
@Gordon thanks Gordon, when you say work at it do you mean working at it by eating too many snacks or fizzy drinks?
Yes, do all the wrong things for a prolonged period of time.
@Kml1998, there's some more information on how to stop/prevent tooth decay here in case you're interested:

But that really makes me wonder something...
If flossing/brushing does not really prevent decay, then why is it important to do so at least once a day?

Sorry for bombing your thread with my question
So you don't get periodontal (gum) disease and have all your teeth fall out when you get to middle age. :)
More teeth are lost to periodontal disease than to decay in the modern world.