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Can I ask the dentist to deal with one issue at a time?



Aug 6, 2016
Ok since I last posted I haven't been to the dentist. But today I have my first appointment to get the ball rolling.

There's 3 things that need doing. I need 2 dead wisdom teeth removing, and a filling. I probably need more work, but those are the problems I have right now.

The 2 dead wisdom teeth are not causing a problem. I know they need removing. The worst issue is the hole in one of my teeth. It's painful to eat.

I would like to have treatment done bits at a time instead of all at once. And my first concern that I would like them to treat is the hole in my tooth.

Am I allowed to ask them to address that first and remove the teeth on another appointment?

I'm not so much scared this time. My anxiety has dropped dramatically since and I feel I am ready to tackle this.

My appointment is in an hour. Wish me luck.
Yes, you absolutely have a right to ask that treatment be done a little at a time and that the tooth causing you pain be addressed first. Good luck today!
Oh hello, you're back! Good to see you Geek ;D

Think I might be just a bit too late, but good luck anyway! And yes, as Fearful said, it's totally OK to ask them to deal with one thing at a time, in whatever order you are most comfortable with.

Really glad to hear your anxiety is more manageable this time - let us know how you got on!
Just been.

As I already knew they said I have quite a bit of work that needs doing and it's best if they refer me to a dental surgeon who can sedate me and do everything at once.

I'm not happy about this, but if it has to be done then so be it. My assessment with the dental surgeon is Thursday, and then after that they will make an appointment for the treatment.

Is the side effects of sedation rough? They said I need someone who can drive to take me home so I am assuming I'm going to be totally out of it by the time it's finished.

Surgery at a hospital is possible for extractions but that carries risks which I don't really want.

If I can ask my doctor for a lorazepam to calm the nerves I don't think sedation will be required. If anyone has read my previous posts you know how scared I am. But even my girlfriend said I did very well in the dentist today. Slightly nervous but not that bad at all :)
I notice oral sedation is possible over IV. I'll go with that. Lorazepam is on the list of oral sedation and I used to take that for anxiety from my doctor. It makes anxiety completely disappear.

And thanks @tink. My anxiety is much lower. My dad was recently diagnosed with Cancer and I've had to go up and down the hospital. My anxiety in hospitals used to be huge but I've over came that. If he can deal with his diagnosis I can deal with a 2 teeth out and a few fillings. My dental treatment is nothing compared to what he's going through so it was time to just man up :p
Well done for making it! That's a big step.

It sounds like you know what you want too - if oral sedation is the right thing for you then go for it!

Sorry to hear about your Dad x You're right that repeated exposure to something (like hospitals) really can work and you really can overcome your anxiety - it sounds like you're doing all the right things.

Let us know how things go on Thursday.
"Totally out of it" is not how I'd describe post-sedation - it's more like sleepy and groggy. So you're not allowed to drive, but you won't be drugged out of your mind or anything.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Wishing you and him the best :hug4:
I had to have a lot of dental work done last year (after many years of neglect) and found a dentist that helps very anxious patients. He was more than happy to go through the course of treatment at the pace I felt happy with, it did mean a lot of appointments (including sedation at the dental hospital). This has helped greatly with my dental anxiety and I have gone to all checkups since then. If you feel sedation will help then go for it, just be aware that you will need someone to take you to and from the appointment and probably look after you afterwards. I had IV sedation on several occasions and was so glad I did, I have no recollection of the major work that was done at the time.
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