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Can I drink alcohol with a temporary filling?


Aaron Hough

Nov 26, 2021
Just checking as I can't see any real answers on the Internet
Can't see why not?
Yes definitely.
Cheers guys I'm assuming warm salt water will be okay aswell
Pretty much anything you can safely put in your mouth will be fine :)
Appreciate it Gordon just one more question I have some discomfort in the tooth next to it is that normal? It was a start to a root canal but finishing it on a later date
The tooth that's having the discomfort is the one that's had the root canal started? If it's quite mild then OK, more than that I'd be getting onto your dentist for advice.
No its the tooth next to the one I've had a root canal. Not the one ive had a root canal on
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Hard to say without looking at it. Anything triggers it? Hot/cold/sweet etc or is it random?
It was just random, it hasn't felt weird today and the discomfort has stopped
Just mention it to your dentist when you go back to get the RCT finished then.