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Can I just take sutures out?



Feb 16, 2021
Pennsylvania USA
I know dissolvable stitches come out on their own for the most part. Some started falling out yesterday a week and one day after full bottom extractions and aveoloplasty.

The relief in the areas that have lost sutures is amazing. I realized my pain is mostly gum pain and a few pressure sores from the denture (I took it out so the guns can heal as the sores were pretty large from the immediate). The fun pain is almost all related to the sutures. I'm tempted to nab a suture removal kit from work and just get rid of the rest of them for some relief (I work in a trauma ICU so lots of access to sterile scissors). Will I damage anything by taking more than a week old sutures out?
Nope, go for it if you're comfortable with the idea.

Personally I think dissolvable sutures are the spawn of Satan. I'd rather have sutures that come out when I think they need to come out, not when they happen to feel like it!