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Can i leave a tooth extraction and not get a dental implant



Feb 18, 2020
Hi all,
I am petrified of the dentist and in december i had a back molar extraction (second from back)
To be honest, i am now petrified to have the implant as this is the next procedure.
Is it possible to just leave it as an extraction? i've read online it can damage and weaken the teeth surrounding it, but is this really true?
I'd much rather just stick with the extraction as i am very scared to go through with the implant, but also dont want to loose more teeth
Hi Kelly
I have a consultation for implants coming up after my extractions have healed. What I can tell you after alot of my own questions and research is that sure, you can leave it but your surrounding teeth might shift which may make it harder to deal with down the road should you change your mind. Secondly, everyone has said the extractions are far worse than the implant process so you already did the hardest step! that Pushed me towards the impants. Maybe just do a consult for the implant and decided from there? Best of luck to you!
Do you have a molar behind it? Is it an upper or lower?

I had an upper back molar extracted (2nd molar) and did not have a tooth behind it…had my wisdom teeth out as a teen. My oral surgeon recommended not to replace it. He said I wouldn’t miss it. One issue is bone loss, but another is that the opposing tooth can “super-erupt” and cause issues. He said it happens more with upper teeth, as in they can super erupt without an opposing tooth.

I have had four implants now, and I can tell you that the implant placement is way easier than an extraction. The whole process is quicker, and the recovery is much faster as well. You feel normal after just a few days. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much either.