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Can i say not yet?



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Jun 21, 2010
Hi. Starting treatment and iv asked the dentist if i can do small appointments till im ready to move on. The thing is hes talking a root filling and im not ( or my anxiety ) is not ready to face that yet. Can i ask him to wait till im ready? Its nhs do not sure if it means he will throw me out.

How long does a front tooth root canal take anyway?
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I was in a similar situation, needed to start small in my mountain of work. For me my anxiety is always about feeling out of control of the situation, and frankly the dentist feels like the antithesis of this. But know that you are the patient and it’s your care and your money so you are in the drivers seat. I recommend doing something like a Ativan in combination with laughing gas to just relax you, I choose to wear headphones and bring something to fidget and play with to distract me further. And be totally honest with your dentist about anxiety, you can always take breaks to just rest for a few minutes in the appointment. Based on my own experience that should only take like an hour. And as my therapist often tells me “you can do hard things and you will get through this just like anything else”. Hope that helps.