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Can implants stop forward/inward movement of lower teeth?



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Jul 9, 2022
I have retained baby molars instead of adult 2nd premolars on my lower jaw. I had to have the left one extracted and am in the process of getting a dental implant to replace it (only the screw is in place right now).

I have a lot of forward/inward movement of my lower teeth, basically my molars are moving forward and spaces between them are widening, and my lower front teeth are moving inwards and becoming tightly packed, crowded, and crooked. My left lower canine has rotated due to the crowding and is now, as of the past couple years, between my upper canine and incisor. I have a lot of wear, chips, and cracks on my incisors and they are under a lot of pressure since my mouth mainly closes just on them, since its such a tight fit, my upper incisors tilted outwards and my lower incisors tilted backwards. The forward movement has led to a situation where within the last six months I developed food impaction and painful gums in the widened spaces between my lower wisdom tooth, which somehow didn't seem to come forward, and 2nd molar, and will have to get my right wisdom teeth removed (I just removed left wisdom teeth over an infection). I am noticing more food between other molars too, I think due to widened spacing.

I am very upset over this situation and not sure what to do, I am very scared it is getting worse, it seems to be progressing pretty fast. I have been wondering if I need to see an orthodontist, and get some kind of retainer and I am really, really uncomfortable doing that for several reasons. Then I had a thought. I have heard dental implants don't move since they are drilled into bone, and can't be moved by orthodontics. I wonder if my dental implant will stop the forward movement of my teeth, once it is crowned, so at least I would know it couldn't go any further on that side. If this is the case, I wonder if it might be worth having one done on the right side earlier than needed, if it would stop the forward movement.

So my question is, can a dental implant in the place of the 2nd premolar stop the forward/inward movement of teeth on the lower jaw?

Thank you for your time.
So my question is, can a dental implant in the place of the 2nd premolar stop the forward/inward movement of teeth on the lower jaw?
From what you've described, seeing an orthodontist first would be my strong recommendation.
Thanks for your advice Gordon.

Gosh I am heartbroken over the idea of having to open that can of worms :(