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Can infection spread to other teeth?



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Jul 21, 2014
Anywhere but "The Chair"
For over two years I have had an abscess from a twice root canaled, crowned tooth (#30) with the area of infection originating under the center bottom part of the tooth - begins with an F - can't think of it at the moment - fenestrum maybe? Anyway, the Dentist said it was the best spot to have an infection -I didn't ask why. My question: how likely is it this would spread to the healthy teeth on either side? If that is possible, how long would it take for infection to spread? Does it damage the teeth or the bone around the teeth or both?
Thank you for your help.
The bone is or will be destroyed in that area. The other teeth usually aren't affected from the localized infection. The infection doesn't "spread" to other teeth.

On the positive side the destroyed bone does make the extraction easier, on the negative side if you are immunocompromised, then you are constantly at risk for a severe infection which could potentially be life-threatening.
Good to know. Thank you.