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Can nitrous oxide be used along with anti-anxiety pills for dental treatment



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Aug 13, 2014
Can nitrous oxide be used at the same time as an anti-anxiety pill such as Valium, Ativan, etc. for dental procedures such as wisdom teeth removal? If so, what would be the most likely effect(s) on the patient if both were used?
Enhanced result only some dentists in the US will be comfortable with it.
Yup! I have gotten both Triazolam 0.5mg 1 hr prior AND nitrous during the appointment. Dont remember a thing! Although the nitrous wears off right away the triazolam doesnt and apparently I felt so good after that appointment I convinced my Mom (my drive that day) to go shopping. I managed somehow to buy a new pair of jeans that fit perfectly and a beautiful handbag and dont remember any of it LOL true story!

So yes you can have both oral meds and nitrous for the same appt.