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Can one of the dentist help with a post examination notes



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk
Hello can one of the dentist help me and explain the examination once I put it and make it simple for me too understand. I know it’s for dental benefits only but it’s making me more anxious. It’s basically notes from X-ray taken for my teeth removal under general anaesthetic.
I will post the notes if am allowed? And cross all names out where applicable.



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@Gordon thanks very much hope I’ve done it right !
What do you want to know?
@Gordon just too understand it more as it’s in dentist language 🤭.
Is there anything complicated? Also as I’have my surgery date for next month , with what it says on the feedback do you know how long it would take ?
1) Some wear on the lower front teeth
2) Very decayed upper right second molar, possible decay on upper right first molar, lower left second molar
3) Roots of upper right and lower left premolar still in place, (G says: crowns presumably have decayed away?)
4) Signs of abscess around upper second molar and lower left first premolar
5) Upper right wisdom tooth is lying pointing backwards. Nothing else wrong
6) Lower right wisdom tooth is lying pointed backwards. Otherwise OK. Roots not involving the nerve
7) Nothing else noted

It would take me about 30-45 mins, assuming extraction of the molar, the 2 roots, the abscessed premolar and investigating/filling the molars. Won't matter to you, you'll be asleep!

The treatment is about the shortest part of the whole procedure as far as the patient is concerned :)
@Gordon thanks for explaining.

I don’t have any crowns at all . Makes me sad how bad my teeth are yet I do what I need to do too look after them .
Have just been dentist and she did a filling for me a small one so at least that’s one done and I need two more doing.
Will get those done after this surgery.
Then hopefully I won’t have any more problems with them !

Thanks for the help !
I don’t have any crowns at all
The crown is the bit of the tooth that's in your mouth :) Confusing terminology isn't it?
@Gordon wow I didn’t know that !
Thanks for that .
The lady who will be taking the teeth out , phoned me yesterday and feel confident about it all .
Do you know anything about the Manchester dental school? That’s who am under at the moment regarding the teeth removal but they also do restorative things there also like crowns and bridges .

Am just wondering if that’s something they could also do for me just wondering how the dental schools work .

Not a lot no, never been down that way. Dental schools basically do two things, teach new students and carry out more advanced treatment on referral from dentists out in the community.
If what you want doing fits in with either a teaching need they have or is a bit too advanced for a GP dentist to do then possibly you can get treated there.