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Can partial dentures be made smaller?



Well-known member
Jan 16, 2019
Sorry, I am here again.
I have managed to find another dentist after much research.
I just wanted to ask if it is possible for a denture to be made that has a smaller plate, that covers less of the palate?
I am beginning to think this is what will happen but when a plate was made for my missing canines, I could never wear it. It made me really anxious. I couldn't eat or drink with it in. So I never wore it despite paying a lot for it. It affected my speech. And though it looks small, the acrylic plate covered too much of my palate. It just felt like cardboard in my mouth.
With all this new technology, have they not created partial dentures that don't cover the palate so much yet? All the suggestions I have looked up still look like they do.
Thank you
Yes. There are things called cobalt chromium partial dentures which are very much smaller and thinner than all acrylic partials.