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Can sinus infections cause tooth pain in healthy teeth?



Jan 27, 2013
So I have what I believe to be a sinus infection. About a week or so ago my top molars started hurting and I can't pin it to one particular tooth, honestly it just feels like every single tooth on top besides my front ones are hurting, I also have ear pain and pain in my jaw and sinus infection symptoms. There are no cavities in these teeth that i know of and like i said it isnt just one tooth and i dont even know which is hurting, just all in that area. My question is if it is an ear infection or sinus infection like I believe it to be, could it be making my teeth hurt? The pain is bearable and isn't intense like my other infected teeth. I really hope it's just from this sinus infection because if its am infected tooth it's several because they all hurt. Thanks for reading
Short answer: yes